Image: Opportunities
One's perspective of this tradional Saudi door might differ:
Is it half opened or half closed?
Do you see the black or the colours?

For me, this image symbolizes the colorful opportunities that living in Saudi Arabia gave me.

About Cissy as photograhper

In 1995 I graduated and bought my first SLR camera. Time to spread my wings:
Off to Latin America for an independent back-packing trip!

There I found the love of my life:
My love for exploring new horizons and passion for photographing.

I perceive every day as a whole new world full of wonders.

There are so many dazzling opportunities to photograph:

• That special smile of the cutie toddler
• Delicious food prepared by a passionate five star Chef
• Beautiful artefacts from ancient and modern times
• The breath taking landscapes that I am privileged to see

I just love to capture Tomorrow's Memories!

I am mostly self-taught and additionally trained with various professional photography courses.

Being part of the team of Studio Malameh Alfan in Riyadh I was privileged to photograph spectaculair Saudi weddings.

The Ritz-Carlton Doha gave me to opportunity to dive into the world of food photography. With the wonderful 'Thinking Out of the Box' Chef's recipy book as result!

I have a BSc. in Marketing-Communication and a MSc. master in Management & Organisation Science.

My background and work experience in those fields contribute positively to my photography work.
I understand corporate communication strategies. A photographer I know how to create strong visuals.

I have a good feel for the story that needs to be told, whether a personal or a business oriented one.

Since 2007 I live at the Arabian Penisula, gratefull for the opportunity I have to zoom in at Arabic traditions.

Enjoy & Love,