Establishing 'Amara-Photos' was only possible with the support of open minded fellow photographers.

Whether our crossed paths online or in real life:
The interaction was and is an invaluable Inspiration to learn and to grow!


With special thanks to:
- in order of appearance -


  • My parents & family for patiently supporting all the froggy jumps I made.
    From my very first 'failed' photos when I was eight, to exploring many side-tracks,
    to finally find the main road now:


  • My first photography buddy Sandra 'Xan' - Encantada de la Vida in Bolivia

  • Jurgen - among others: a dear photography companion. Who is never tired to explain me the technical stuff over and over again. And, despite the fact that I should: he doesn't ask to delete photos. He just arranges extra storage capacity in the server...

  • Aart, the Rabbateniers and Lieke for being the first and loyal Amara-Photos fans

  • 'Princess Jasmine' for my first product/fashion photography assignment. Fun to see the transition in the years we've worked together!
    'Princess Ball' Rita for the opportunity of the first major event photography at her amazing Princess Souq Ball


  • The inspiring staff of Studio Malameh Alfan in Riyadh: Madeha, Vilma, Shanty & Rhea. Shanty - tx for finding Amara! My studio work was also enabled by the invaluable support of mr. Abakar, Renate and the Maria's!

  • Richard Dutchie, Richard Aussie, Pedro, Lucy and Pippa for
    giving me renewed perspectives on Qatari life & photography

  • Geniale Sunny, among others - for bringing back Slow Down and bringing back the believe in sunny photographers team spirit!