Corporate Business

"In the end, all business is personal" .                            (The Ritz-Carlton, the new Gold Standard by Joseph A. Michelli)

Photography Business - 
It is an intimate connection

To have a good feel about what the client wants
how he or she wants to be portrayed -
what unique features of their products/services
they want to be zoomed in at


Dynamic connection:
Personal Photography Business in Amara-Photos style means to establish a dynamic connection:
Your strategic vision
Your knowlegde of your business and the people behind it

Combined with
Amara's photography skills and creative perspective
using my marketing-communication background as an extra asset

Let's see where that interesting road will lead us!


  • I love colours -
    despite the official colour theory:
    I think Black & White are beautiful colors too
  • I enjoy Thinking outside the Box -
    with my head up in the clouds,
    with my feet firmly on the ground
  • I love diversity -
    however for a while
    it's wonderful to focus exclusively on one subject

Have a look at Amara's PortfolioCorporate Business:

  • Product photography
  • CEO/Staff portraits in work envirnoment and/or studio style
  • Portraying your business in a documentary style
  • Specialisation in the hospitality sector - especially food photography

Corporate Event Photography:

  • Business congresses & workshops
  • Corporate events & Festivitive Ceremonies
  • Press conferences