Corporate Event Photography


Signing of a trade contract
Launch of a new product
Business congress
Award ceremonies

Celebration of your National Day

It's not only about the moment itself
It's also showing the succes of the event afterwards 

A succesfull business event is not complete without story-telling photos.
It's also about creating content for your external and internal communication purposes.
o maximize the effect of the event afterwards as well.

Having a background in marketing-communication/PR, I have a good feel for the business story to be told.

Zooming in at details, like the signing of the contract
Zooming out to show the whole scope of the event
Focusing on the V.I.P.'s of your event
and portraying the participants


Amara-Photos works in a non-intrusive, 'as a fly on the wall', manner. 
To properly document the key aspects, important moments and emotions of your event.

Have a look at Amara's portfolio:
Corporate Event Photography