Little Stars

The circle of life seems to be in 
a fast forward mode these days

Blinck twice with your eyes
and you will find:

your Sweet Little One turned 'overnight' 
into a Trendy Teen....

Let Amara-Photos Freeze some special moments of their young life.

Cutie baby & toddlers
The tiny, tiny, tiny hands and feets
Their sweet dreams, the wondering gaze of the eyes taking in the world,

The cutie yawn turning into that beautiful smile. 
The admiration of the proud parents looking at their little wonder.
The first wobbly steps

Amara-Photos just can't stop photographing when she's around the little cute babies & toddlers!
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Little Princess
Good chance that your daughter loves to dress up as a Princess.
We bet her favorite color probably is ... Pink...
She is naturally drawn towards her moms handbags, shoes, jewellery and make-up...
Strike the Pose - she loves to smile into the camera. 

You can have a lovely mom-daughter moment preparing for the photo shoot.
To select together a wide range of clothes to bring! 
Combined with the additional glittering girly accessiores of Amara:
all is in place to give your Royal Higness a wonderful mini-model experience!

For a ball that lasts a lifetime,  Amara-Photos will capture your Little Princess at her best.
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Little Hero
Boys will be boys - as the saying goes.
Boys & their Toys is an other one.
So let your boy bring some of his favorite toys
And the shirt of his favorite sports team : )
He will be dreading to stand still and pose....
So we will let him run, jump and play - having fun! 

Amara-Photos loves to to photograph the genuine smiles of joy of your Little Hero!

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