What's in a name... AMARA

The moment I read the meaning of the name Amara, I knew:
This is the perfect name for my photography activities.

Amara is a name found in numerous cultures around the globe.
Each culture attibuting their own intresting etymology to it.
I attribute my own personal photography connection to it as well:


  • My photography passion started in Latin America, where 'Amar' means to love!

  • Amara is derived from the Greek "amarantos". It means eternal,unfading: Photography as a gift for lasting memories.

  • My professional carreer as photographer started at the Arabic Peninsula. In Arabic there are two meanings for Amar: Moon and Beauty. You can use Amar as a compliment for ones beautifulness.

  • In Latin the name seems to have two meanings: 'Bitter/Sour'  and 'Beloved'.
    The sparkling side of life is the main focus of Amara-Photos.
    However, I do like the fact that a part of the name connects to the bitter edgy side life has as well. 
    An interesting contrast to zoom into photography wise. 

  • Appearently Amara is is common name in Mongolia, derived form the verb Amarakh which means peaceful.

  • In Ethiopian legends Amara means 'Paradise' as well as it stands for 'beautiful and gracious'. The Amhara people are an ethnic group in Ethiopia, they number about 23 million.

  • In Sanskrit the name Amara refers to the number 33, means 'immortal' and is also a type of tree.

  • Finally, some argue that the name 'Amara' and 'Maria' have the same root. So it strengthens the special connection to my dear Maria friends = some of the most strong inspirational ladies I know!

Unfading Love
Lasting beautiful memories